Education content will now be included across YouTube

Currently, people will be able to take online classes very easily in the feature that YouTube is bringing. 

Education content will now be included across YouTube

YouTube has announced that it is establishing itself in the digital education market. For which they are bringing a stripped-down version of their site designed for schools and colleges. 

YouTube is launching Player for Education and Courses. This will be a service that will enable video creators to offer online classes for a fee or for free. 

According to The Version Report, YouTube has announced a new tool for education content creation, Creatus. Which can start in the coming years. With the help of this tool, creators will be able to create playlists of videos for their viewers for free or for a fee. 

It is worth noting that this education content may be included in the first beta version in the US and South Korea. In short, education content will greatly benefit students around the world.

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