Top 5 Best Keyboard For Android Smartphone 2022

Top 5 Best Keyboard For Android Smartphone 2022

Android Smartphone keyboards are very important apps. Obviously because you do 80% of the work on a smartphone via keyboard like messaging, typing, edits etc. 

Top 5 Best Keyboard For Android Smartphone 2022
Top 5 Best Keyboard For Android Smartphone 2022

So the keyboard is very important & 80% of the people use the default keyboard on the smartphone. And many people use GBoard, but there are many keyboards in the Android world that benefit you in different ways. Some people type in Hindi a lot & these GBoard & other keyboard apps don’t help them at local language typing.

Many people use different fonts for social media as well, which is very difficult to use with normal keyboard apps. So I’m going to tell you about 5 keyboard apps that are made for different use cases. So if you have any one of the mentioned use cases, then definitely try that particular keyboard app.

Top 5 Best Keyboard For Android Phones

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard a 46MB app from Canada & many people are buying small smartphones but the keyboards take up half the space and that’s where it becomes very difficult, Minuum is the smallest keyboard & you get only 2-3 rows of it. And you can type on it even by swiping on it. So it’s excellent & has multi-language capabilities. It supports different languages. It has emoji support as well & there are different themes for you to change the colour. It’s a good keyboard app for small phones. Minuum Keyboard is best keyboard for Smartphone.

Fonts Keyboard

Fonts Keyboard a 17MB app and you can use it with different fonts on different sites/apps. Meaning even if it’s WhatsApp/YouTube comments, you can comment with different fonts. Fonts Keyboard is a small & lovely keyboard. If you want different fonts, then you should definitely use it. Fonts Keyboard also very good keyboard.


LazyBoard  just a 2.7MB app, but the ones who do a lot of typing, it’s very important for them. Meaning if you regularly type a lot & use the same phrases mostly, then you can create blocks of such phrases and you can send them with just a touch. So it becomes much easier & that’s why its name is LazyBoard. And it supports everything like an email address, contacts, template replies etc. You can make it all to make your life much easier. LazyBoard Best small size Android keyboard App.

Hindi Keyboard

Hindi Keyboard from Kerala and is 25MB in size. Basically, if you type a lot in Hindi then it’ll save a lot of time. And you can type Hindi very easily. Normal traditional keyboards make it a little difficult to type Hindi but not with this app.  Do try it out if you use Hindi a lot. You can use it on any app like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. It also has some Hindi movies’ dialogue stickers, GIFs, which you can send. So it’s a very interesting keyboard especially for the ones who type a lot in Hindi. Hindi Keyboard is Best Android keyboard for Hindi. 


PlayKeyboard sounds a little gimmicky but it’s definitely fun. So there’s a creature on your keyboard that moves/animates when you type. So it’s very interesting if you want a fun keyboard & a different experience while typing, then definitely try it out. There are many different types of themes & you can even copy the most used phrases for you to use. So it’s useful as well as a fun & playful keyboard. PlayKeyboard is nice looking Android keyboard.

These were the Top 5 keyboard apps for your Android smartphone. Do try it out & especially the 2nd keyboard app, do COMMENT below in different fonts about how you felt about this post. If you enjoyed the post, then Share this post.

List of best keyboard for Android Smartphone in 2022

  • Minuum Keyboard
  • Fonts Keyboard
  • LazyBoard 
  • Hindi Keyboard
  • PlayKeyboard

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