TCL C825 mini LED TV Price In India And Full Details

TCL C825 mini LED TV Price In India And Full Details

TCL C825 mini LED TV Price In India And Full Details

TCL C825 is India’s first mini LED Android TV. In this post we are discussing TCL C825. His Hardware, Box Content, Display Quality, Audio Quality. TCL C825 features, performance, His Pricing and TCL C825 Launching Date. We have unboxed & reviewed a lot of TVs but in terms of software & hardware, this one is impressive.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Full Details 


The build quality & the frames are made with thick metal & looks extremely premium. Even the metal stands are light. This is a heavy TV, so I wondered if the stands are reliable, but even after mounting it on them they are sturdy. The entire build quality is impressive. 

When it comes to fit & finish, a lot of TVs’ frames & panels from the sides dont have the best fit & finish which seems like a problem, but this one seems perfect. The TCL Mini LED 4K TV is the German Red Dot award winning TV.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Box Content

A TV, the stand, a remote control with batteries, you get a detachable camera, you get soundbar & subwoofers integrated with it too.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Display

TCL C825 mini LED TV is a 65” 4K QLED panel, which is not OLED but mini LEDs. And just like OLED has individual LEDs, here you get mini LED zones. I’d say a normal LED TV has no zones but a single LED, so the blacks don’t look that good, but with this, it comes in between LED & OLED TVs. Mostly nearing OLED TVs because the colours & blacks are absolutely gorgeous. 

The TCL Mini LED 4K TV supports Dolby Vision IQ, which has more colours than the normal Dolby Vision & has more than a billion colours. It also includes 120Hz fast refresh rate, which makes the fast action scenes very smooth, & also supports MEMC, which feels like a movie theatre experience.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Audio

Even the audio quality is next level. TCL C825 mini LED TV has 2 15W dual speakers on each side in the soundbar, and it also has a dedicated 30W subwoofer at the back. The thumping sound which is usually missing on TVs is not missed on the TCL Mini LED 4K TV. And the audio is IMAX Enhanced Certified which makes the audio quality even better. And only 2-3 brands including TCL have passed this certification.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Remote

TCL C825 mini LED TV is a full featured remote. Usually these days the remotes are small, but not with this one. And you have dedicated Netflix, ZEE 5, Prime Video & even the TCL Channel button,which is their aggregator. Even a dedicated Google Assistant button is present.


TCL was the first brand to bring an Android 11 TV, and this one is also equipped with Android 11 including some more features as well.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Features

You get a far field mic for hands free voice control 2.0 which is next gen & is quite responsive. You get a MagiConnect feature, where you can connect your smartphone with the TV. There’s Safety Guard, which is a dashboard for safety & privacy. You get extra apps like Reminders, where you can add reminders & the TV will remind you of it.

There is a T-Solo feature where you can turn off the screen & use the soundbar & subwoofer via Bluetooth & listen to music only through a phone.

There is a TCL dedicated UI called TCL channel, where they aggregate content from different OTT platforms, all in just one channel which is user friendly.

I did not talk about the Magic Camera in the hardware section, which is an interesting feature. TCL C825 mini LED TV is a FHD 1080p camera & comes with a shutter, which you cannot open physically.

TCL C825 mini LED TV also supports gesture controls, which can click selfies with the help of gestures. We tried and it worked sometimes but needs improvements via an update.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Performance

TCL C825 mini LED TV has a quad core MediaTek 9615 chipset with 3GB RAM & 32GB storage which I think is one of the best specs TV we have seen till date. You get an AiPQ engine in the software which enhances the picture quality with AI, so that you get the best viewing experience.


TCL C825 comes with WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, etc. 

TCL C825 mini LED TV Ports

You get 4 HDMI ports out of which 2 support 120Hz fast refresh rate, 2 USB ports, RJ 45 & standard audio-video ports. So if you have a console that supports 120Hz, you can get the best experience out of this TV.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Pricing

If you look at the picture quality, audio & features, I think the pricing of this TV is quite aggressive. The TCL C825 55” TV comes at 1.15L Rs. And TCL C825 65” which comes around at 1.50L Rs & for that price, you get a whole lot of TV.

TCL C825 mini LED TV Launch Date

You can buy TCL C825 TV on Amazon & Reliance Retail from 7th of July. 

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