Apple iPad Pro 2021 - Price In India, Performance And Specifications

Apple iPad Pro 2021 - Price In India, Performance And Specifications

Apple iPad Pro 2021 - Price In India, Performance And Specifications

Apple iPad Pro 2021 - Price In India, Performance And Specifications : Apple iPad Pro 2021 is finally Lunch in India. In this post I will discuss about Apple iPad Pro 2021 Features, Camera, Box Content, Build Quality, Display, Specifications, Variants, OS UI and Features, Battery, Performance, Connectivity And Price In India.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 All Space, Camera, Features Full Details

Box Content 

You get the iPad Pro upfront, documentation, sim card tool (because this is a WiFi & cellular version), USB Type C to Type C cable & a 20W charger.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Design

Apple iPad Pro 2021 is looks beautiful, Apple iPad Pro 2021 is 5.9mm thin & it is light as well. It has a very balanced weight distribution.

Build Quality

Apple iPad Pro 2021 is about 468g so it ranges between 465-470g. In comparison with the iPad Pro 2020 which is 12.9” & weighs 629g which is huge in terms of size against the iPad Pro 2021. I’ve used the older version & it is definitely huge, so do use it with a folio or a magic keyboard, but it’ll get heavier with around a kg. But for now let’s talk about the iPad Pro 2021.

Ports & Buttons

Apple iPad Pro 2021 comes with 2 speaker grills, 2 mics including a noise cancelling microphone & a power on/off button. On the right hand side, you get volume up & down, some antenna lines & below there’s the sim card tray. On the lower side, you get 2 speakers too with a Type C port. On the left side, you have a microphone, which makes it a total of 5 microphones on the device. And also let me tell you, you get a magnetic connector, if you have an Apple Pencil. Interestingly! Look at the thickness of the Pencil, how thick it is as compared to the iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Display

Apple iPad Pro 2021 is an 11” screen. This is a Liquid Retina Display on an IPS LCD. It’s quality is really bright. It’s brightness is up to 600 Nits, with a 2K+ resolution. Apple claims it has ProMotion, which means it has a 120Hz fast refresh rate. The bezels are thin by looking at the size & tablets should have bezels so that you don't make accidental touches.

There is a 12MP Selfie camera on the top bezel, which is also used for Face ID. I think that the positioning of the camera should be on the side bezel instead of top bezel because tablets are mostly used for video conferencing & not selfies.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Specifications

Apple M1 processor (also included in Macbook Air & Macbook Pro). And it surpassed my expectations in terms of performance. Antutu Benchmark is above 985K, which is absolutely crazy.


Apple iPad Pro 2021 Variants is 1TB & 2TB Storages. Starts with 128GB, 256GB up to 512GB of storage capacity. You get 16GB RAM in the 1&2TB variant. So clubbing the M1 chipset with this RAM and you get a crazy performance. Variants with up to 512GB storage get the 8GB RAM which I think is also good enough.

Talk about M1, it is fabricated on the 5 Nm technology & is extremely power efficient. It comes with 8 Core CPU & 8 Core GPU, so wait for the gaming review. 


Comes with a 28.6Wh battery & Apple claims it can hold itself up to 10 hours with normal usage. And gaming might reduce it to 5-6 hours.


Apple iPad Pro 2021 comes with iPad OS 14.6 which is specific for large screen iPads & it is smooth.

OS Features

Features & widgets are being added more over time. And the combination of OS & hardware is unmatched. Front camera comes with an interesting feature where it highlights you at the center, which is helpful during a video call.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Performance

We played COD Mobile on this one, and with the ProMotion, the colours, display, GPU, CPU & the RAM it was a pleasure. All of these specs combined give an unmatched experience. We played the game in Highest settings & Wow ! What an experience.

To test the performance, we pushed it to the limits & tried rendering a 9 minute lengthy 4K video file with effects & it took just 4-5 minutes. I was not expecting it, but the M1 chipset has truly surpassed my expectations.

Talk about video editing, it comes with a Thunderbolt Port which helps you connect a 6K external display. So it looks like your personal portable editing rig. And such a performance is found on just a 5.9mm thin device.


Despite being thin, the stereo speakers blew my mind as they are really loud & you can feel the audio if you hold the device in hand. The 12.9” version has 10000 mini LEDs in it which makes the black look seriously black on its bigger variant. This comes with a Liquid Retina Display so it looks a little gray, but the colors are good. And the device is great for multimedia consumption.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Camera

At the rear you get a 12MP+10MP dual camera setup, but it’s not about MP. You can shoot good quality 4K @60FPS videos with the 5 microphones. This comes with the LiDAR scanner, specially to measure height. It is very easy to measure height with the LiDAR scanner. Eg. Augmented Reality apps.


There are 2 variants: the WiFi & the WiFi+Cellular. The cellular variant supports 5G as M1 chipset is 5G enabled. We have the WiFi+Cellular variant, which comes with WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0. To be honest, I don’t see any negatives, the 12.9” I use seems a little heavy which has all the features but isn't based on the M1. And now with the M1 chipset, it is performing on another level.

So I am going to use this as my daily driver for the next few months & after that we might give a full review of the same. And I am impressed, but the impressive specs & performance comes at a price.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Pricing

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Price is 72,000 Rs for 8GB/128GB storage base variant. Pricing ranges from 72,000 Rs up to 1.7L. 1TB variant is priced 1.5 Lakh & the 2TB is 1.7Lakh Rs. 

So if you want a productive & portable device,you can definitely look at iPad Pro 2021.

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