Best bluetooth neckband under 1500 India 2021

Best neckband under 1500 in India 2021, Top 5 Best bluetooth neckband under 1500

Top 5 Best bluetooth neckband under 1500

Top 5 Best bluetooth neckband under 1500 : Friends, if I talk about wireless earphones, wireless neckband earphones are very practical. especially for the ones who listen to music all day & need their earphones everywhere.

The TWS earphones are popular nowadays, but there’s one thing I do not like about them is that there are chances of them falling off. If you are in the gym & while running, if your ears get sweaty, there are chances they might slip & fall off. But with neckband wireless earphones, even if that same problem occurs, it won’t exactly be a problem. They will stick around your neck.

So this is the most important thing, & that is why in this post, I’m going to tell you about Best Neck Bands Under Rs 1500. After proper research & comparing many of them, we’ve brought this list for you.

Minimum Criteria

Around 10mm drivers, IP certification, minimum battery with 7-10 hours playback time because neck bands are generally used for long. If it stops working in the middle then what’s the point, right? It should have an in-line mic and at least Bluetooth 5.0 for multi-device support.

Top 5 Best neckband under 1500 in India 2021

Infinity Glide 120

Fifth best neckband under 1500 is Infinity Glide 120. Infinity Glide 120 2-3 things are good about this one & 1 thing is not that good. It comes under 1000 Rs, so if your budget is tight, then you can check it out. It has the biggest drivers(12mm).

The problem with this one is that it has only 7 hour battery life which could have been better by adding a little thickness to the neckband And that is why it is in 5th position, has a 7 hour battery, IPX5 certification, Bluetooth 5.0 with an in-line mic, all these features are there But in our list the Infinity Glide 120 comes in at number 5.

Redmi SonicBass

Fourth Best bluetooth neckband under 1500 comes form Redmi. Redmi earphones have good build quality & the Redmi SonicBass is no different, they come at Rs 1299. There’s one thing which isn’t that good & that’s why it is number 4. It has 9.2mm drivers. The audio quality is ok.

We listened to it, & I’m telling you it is good but the 9.2mm drivers are slightly less & that’s why they are in 4th position. All other things are there. It comes in 2 colours - Blue & Black, they have IPX4 certification, an in-line mic with Bluetooth 5.0. So it’s all there.

Forgot to tell you about the battery, it is less & lasts upto 12 hours which should get you through the day as you’ll charge by the evening. Some other earphones provide upto 30-40 hrs but these have a little less battery. 

boAt 100

They come at Rs 1399, the most expensive in our list, but during offers you get a discount of 100-200 Rs less. These are all-round neckband earphones, I’d say because they last for 30 hours, have 10mm drivers, and come with IPX4 certification & Bluetooth 5.0.

But they are expensive by 100 Rs, which is why they are in 3rd position. Overall, if you want all round earphones, then do check them out. 3rd Best bluetooth neckband under 1500 is boAt 100

Dizo Wireless

Dizo Wireless is Second Best Neckband Under 1500. Dizo Wireless was launched recently. There's one good thing, it comes with realme Link App support Which means you can pair them with the realme Link App, so you might get software updates which might improve them.

Also if you want to change the touch functions, you can do that too with the realme Link App & that's a big positive. Otherwise the sound is good, it has 11.2mm drivers, they’re quite loud & as for the bass, the Dizo Wireless are great.

The battery life is 17 hours but it could’ve been better. But 17 hours, according to me, is decent enough. And because of that, including the price (Rs 1299) & all the other things make it stand at 2nd position.

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+

The boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ has a massive 40 hour battery life! That means it runs for about 2-3 days on a single charge. That is crazy! They might feel a little heavy because of the bigger battery. A bigger battery is always welcomed so it's good & you get IPX7 certification.

Which you don’t get in any other earphones. So the 40 hour battery life, IPX7& 10mm drivers with a price of Rs 1299. I think for 1299 Rs you get a whole lot & that puts the boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ in 1st position in Best bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 List.


If you have a neckband which we didn’t include in the list then do let us know. But their price should be below Rs 1500. Do not compare these with Rs 2000-2500 Rs earphones.

List Of Best bluetooth neckband under 1500 in India 2021

  1. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+
  2. Dizo Wireless
  3. boAt 100
  4. Redmi SonicBass
  5. Infinity Glide 120

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