Top 5 best video editing android apps 2021

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Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphone in 2021

Top 5 Best Video Editing Mobile Apps : Today, everyone wants to make nice short videos with the Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or even Adobe After Effects to make & edit videos. But you don’t really need this big softwares. You can make, create & edit all your videos on your smartphone.

Today I have brought up some of the BEST VIDEO EDITING APPS for you guys. Yes! The most important thing in these apps according to us is that there should be NO watermark, which makes it a problem for your videos. So all of the apps don’t have any kind of watermarks.

Best Android Video Editing Apps in 2021

VN Video Editor

First Best Video Editing App is VN Video Editor. VN Video Editor is 111MB in size, it is light as compared to other editing apps which are about 500MB-1GB in size. It is a full fledged editing app, & looks much like the Adobe Premiere Pro. And also provides many features like multi-layer editing.

More importantly, it helps in editing different individual layers along with music editor, audio recording, sharing projects, adding music & many good things too. And I really like it. And yes on all these apps, you can edit in Full HD (1080p). 

And then of course you can upload it after exporting. Many apps just provide HD (720p) editing, but all these 5 apps provide 1080p video editing without watermarks. 


Second Video Editing Mobile App is Vita. VITA is a very simple video editor & is of only 89MB in size. With this you can export videos in Full HD (1080p) without any problems. Like I said, it’s a simple video editor, you can add transitions which are very important while changing scenes, and many filters which you can use too.

But remember all of these apps have some filters free while the others are paid. Overall these apps are free, but some of the filters are paid. Another thing in VITA, is that it has cool different pre-made creative fonts & you can use them easily too. In fact, there are animated fonts too, so if you use a lot of texts in your videos then do try this out.

Montage Pro

Montage Pro is third video editing app for smartphone. This one has been picked for its 34MB size. And despite being small it provides many features. It has Pro tools, filters, different effects for videos & yes there's an option to export in 1080p too. So for its small size, it is definitely a good app. More importantly, it's developed by an Indian developer! So yes, it's an Indian app.

Video Maker for YouTube

If you want to create some bigger videos specifically on YouTube. It is 40MB in size & is an all-in-one easy to use app..And it has more than 30 transitions. Also it supports different YouTube aspect ratios i.e 18:9, 16:9 etc. Video Maker for YouTube is Best Video Editing Android App.

VLLO Video Editor

VLLO Video Editor is Last Video Editing App. VLLO Video Editor is 130MB in size & is a Korean app. But it has pro features. And the 4K export feature without a watermark stands out. Yes you will have to watch an AD when exporting the video in 4K, which I think is a good option.

And talking about other features, it is easy to use without any problems. You can split, increase/decrease speed, reverse footage & even it has pro options in editing. So all of these options are available in the VLLO.


Friends, we've done a lot of research & used these apps extensively to bring them for you. Yes it takes time for research but it’s all worth it for you. Do share our post, if you enjoyed it. 

List Of Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps In 2021

  1. VN Video Editor
  2. VITA
  3. Montage Pro
  4. Video Maker for YouTube
  5. VLLO Video Editor

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