Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021 : Buying quality wireless earbuds at affordable prices used to be a difficult thing a few years back But not now Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 Rupees used to be dream for many but now you have multiple options to choose from brands like noise, boat, ptron, etc. offer some good quality truly wireless earbuds at affordable prices and that's exactly why in this post i'm going to showcase Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 that you can buy right now. 

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 In India

Noise Earbuds Mini

So the first one in our list is Noise Earbuds Mini starting up with Noise Earbuds Mini which is hands down one of the best and the latest tws earbuds that you can buy right now. Noise has recently launched earbuds mini tws with 14.2 mm drivers and hyper sync technology and the launch price of this tws is just 129 rupees. 

Earbuds Mini is first of its kind to offer features like ipx4 water resistant, bluetooth 5.0, type c charging case at this price point. Starting with the design noise earbuds mini is probably one of the best looking earbuds in this price range it comes with an all plastic build with a stem design that mimics the apple airports. Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

The noise earbuds mini comes with a rectangular shaped charging box with a capacity of 35 mh which is quite compact and easy to carry as compared to other tws earphones on the market. It also offers an excellent 20 hours of total playback through this compact case which is quite unexpected at this form factor. 

Moving towards the most important part of any tws earbuds that is the sound quality the noise birds pop has a 14.2 mm driver to produce the sound and in my testing they sound good and does not distort too much now noise is using something called true based technology to enhance the bass and i feel it works as the base is quite decent for a tws under 1500 price range and don't expect it to perform it like tws that comes under 5 or 6k price bracket. 

The earbuds mini is a good pair of earbuds with a bass heavy sound signature. If you are a bass head you will love them. They offer fantastic battery life in both the earbuds and in the charging case.

Boom Audio Shell TWS

So next up we have Boom Audio Shell TWS uniquely designed boom audio shell tws can be your priority while looking for the best two wireless earbuds under 1500. The earbuds have an appealing design and long lasting battery life that could be some of the reasons to pick up these earbuds from our list as your favorite. The earbuds have a unique magnetic design that comes inside an elegant looking charging case the earbuds are available in four appealing colors to choose from. Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

The earbuds fit firmly inside the earlobes that have been crafted keeping in mind your bearing comfort the earbuds have touch control which is intuitive and responsive the earbuds are water and sweat resistant which protects them from water spills this earbuds are fitted with powerful sound drivers that can produce high quality bass rich audio the birds have a voice assistant that will help you to control the birds without using this smartphone the hd sound quality of the earbuds is ideal for listening to tracks and making calls. 

The birds offer a playback time of four hours on one charge that can be fully charged up again in 40 to 50 minutes the charging case has 12 hours of usage time on one charge which means you get two to three charging cycles Boom Audio Shell TWS is compatible with all the smartphones platform that makes it a more ideal choice this ergonomically designed pair of earbuds can be a perfect choice if you want to gift it to your loved ones. 

pTron Bassbuds Urbans

So next Best Earbuds Under 1500 is pTron produces one of the most affordable wireless earbuds under 1500 that is known for its quality performance. Bassbuds Urban is another highly rated earbud that can be a value addition in your wardrobe. pTron Bassbuds comes packed inside a sleek charging cam carrying case the earbuds have an angle in-ear design that has been crafted to fit in your ear canals easily. Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

The earbuds have soft comfortable ear tips and you can afford to wear them for long hours. You get 6 mm neomium drivers fitted inside the earbuds that offer immersive sound output. The base offered by the earbuds is commendable at this price. The earbuds can easily manage all your tasks with its voice assistant bluetooth 5.0 ensures quick pairing with a range of 10 meters 50 mh battery has been placed inside.

The earbuds that offer 5 hours of playback and 4 hours stock time on a single charge the 400ma charging case offering additional 10 hours of playback time. The earbuds look premium and feel light enhanced. The quick pairing and efficient sound output make it one of the best two wireless earbuds under 1500. 

boAt Airdopes 171

boAt Airdopes 171 has an ergonomic design and snug fit that makes it one of the best in the business these angle design earbuds coupled with soft silicone ear tips offer a tight grip in the ear the snug fit is also responsible for the deep bass sound effect the capacitive touch buttons outside the earbuds will help you to manage all your activities in one touch. Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

Talking about the sound quality of the earbuds it has a 6mm sound driver that has a wide frequency response though the earbuds have small drivers the performance it offers is no less than a powerful driver. The earbuds produce a distortion free sound that lets you enjoy every beat of the track though the earbuds do not have a stem design the call quality during voice and video calls is exceptional the voice during the call is clear and audible and you do not need to struggle to hear the voice on the other side. 

The earbuds are fitted with a 43 mh battery that can be used to play tracks for three non-stop hours the 380mah charging case has 10 more hours to playback time of the earbuds.The earbuds also support fast charging where you can charge them for 10 minutes and enjoy an hour of playback time both air dopes is a reliable series of earbuds where you can afford to spend your money. boAt Airdopes 171 is another quality earbuds that can be a valuable addition to your gadget accessory wardrobe. Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

Zebronics Zeb S1

The last one in our list is zebronics zeb s1 Zeb S1 is one of the compact and attractive earbuds of our list it comes packed inside a charging case that has an led indicator inside the easy to fit earbud sits inside your ears firmly offering a rock solid grip. The earbuds have 6 mm sound drivers offering an amazing listening experience. The earbuds have an ultimate base that can make you fall for the earbuds. The sound quality while calling is also clear and you can make hd calls without any hassle. 

The earbuds can last up to five to six hours offering you a non-stop listening experience the compact c type charging case adds another 12 hours to the total playback time of the earbuds mounting it up to 18 hours. At a price tag of just around rupees 1500 the earbuds are offering a lot of features and perks. If you want one of the best two wireless earbuds under 1500 then zebronics sound bomb could be your final choice. Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2021

So guys that's it for today hope you have enjoyed this Post.

Here List Of Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 In 2021

  • Noise Earbuds Mini
  • Boom Audio Shell TWS
  • pTron Bassbuds Urbans
  • boAt Airdopes 171
  • Zebronics Zeb S1

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