Attention Android users! New virus exposed in Android XLoader

Millions of Android users in India face multiple malware attacks every day. However again a threat has arisen for the Android OS. Security experts have warned about a new type of malware Android XLoader. This malware takes access to important details from smartphones. Not only online but also not leaving SMS and stealing all the data in the background. This malware can prove to be very dangerous for smartphone users.
New virus Android XLoader

How does android xloader malware attack?

Bleeping Computer reported by mcafee that android xloader malware can attack devices very easily. It contains an sms message with the infected website url. This sms opens the way to malicious apps in the phone. As soon as the given link is clicked the apk file gets installed in the handset and later its theft starts.

Installing apps from other sources:

These links install applications from other sources using sideloading techniques. Notably, even mobile users are not aware of this. This malware not only accesses SMS but can also track apps. Hackers can target you using these tools.

Removed Google but not third-party controls:

McAfee has already informed Google about this latest vulnerability. The company immediately removed the malware after this. However, Google cannot control the apps available outside the Play Store. Google recommends enabling Play Protect to keep your device secure. This saves you from many dangers.

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