Google Photos storage really unlimited? | Google Photos changes storage policies

Google Photos storage really unlimited? | Google has been making major changes to account storage policies 

Google Photos storage really unlimited?

Google Photos storage limit is the free storage really unlimited? Google has been making major changes to account storage policies since June 1, find out what will happen to your data 

Google is an integral part of our daily life. Google enables us to do everything from retrieving information to storing information and keeping it secure, and that's why so many of our tasks become easier. But now from June 1, Google's account storage policy is going to change. In which the files to be backed up on Google Photos will now count to the 15 GB storage you get in Google. So far Google has been offering unlimited storage for high quality backup files on photos. That means you get 15GB of separate storage besides photo storage.

 What will change?

Google offered Gmail, Google Drive, Photos and all the features of Google on one of your accounts. Currently, any photos or videos you back up on Google Photos are not counted in Google's 15 GB storage. But from June 1, Google will also count high quality backed up photos and videos in 15GB of free storage. That means you will have the facility to store up to 15 GB of data on one account with Gmail, Drive, Photo and other Google features.

If you do not use Google for 2 consecutive years after June 1, 2021 or do not upgrade after completing the data limit for 2 years, Google may delete your data. For example, if you do not use Google Photos for 2 consecutive years, but use Drive and Gmail, your photos' data will be deleted. This means that only the data of the Google product on which you are active will be safe.

Follow these stops to empty storage from Google Photos

1. You can delete unused photos, videos one by one from your account, or use Google's storage management tools. This is a link to Google's storage management tool.

2. Here you can delete large files of Gmail photo or drive at once.

3. The storage manager will tell you the estimated time by which your storage limit will be met according to the backup frequency and file size.

4. You can select the folder of your phone that you want to backup, you can turn off the backup of unnecessary files.

5. Can reduce the upload quality of photo, video. So that less space is consumed.

According to the company, it will take about 3 years for the average Google user to meet the storage limit.

What happens after 15 GB of storage runs out?

Now you may be wondering what will happen to the user if 15 GB of storage is depleted. So according to the new policy, you will not be able to send or receive mail through Gmail and the mail sent to you by someone will go back to the sender. You cannot upload new files to Google Drive. You cannot create new files on Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, Drawings and Gamboards. You cannot upload a photo or video to Google Photos. Cannot download old photos or videos after editing.

More than 100 million users of Google Photos

In May 2015, Google launched Google Photos to compete with Apple iCloud. It currently has more than 10 Crores users worldwide. 2800 crore files are uploaded by users every week. Easily backup, manage, edit and share photos and videos.

Google will have to pay a charge for more storage

If you still lack storage after deleting unnecessary files and photos, you can purchase storage from Google. Google has launched a separate app called Google One for this. In which you can increase the storage by purchasing any monthly or annual plan.

This is the plan to buy storage

The monthly charge for purchasing 100GB storage is Rs. 130, while the annual charge will be Rs.1300 is held. So for 200 GB, Rs. 210 and Rs.2100 will have to pay. Monthly for 2 TB storage Rs.650 and Rs. Will have to pay 6500. While for 10 TB monthly Rs.3250, monthly for 20 TB. 6500 and for 30 TB monthly Rs. 9750 will have to pay.

What will happen to the photos and videos currently in Google Photos?

Google has made it clear that data before June 1 will not be counted in free storage. This means that the data you have backed up in photos before June 1 will not be counted in the 15 GB free storage. That means you will be able to download that data. But if you make any changes after the storage is full, you will not be able to download the edited files.

The new policy will not affect these people

However, some people are excluded from this policy. This policy does not apply to users who use Google's Pixel phones, users who have already upgraded to Google One, and those who use Google's business services.

What's the difference between Google Drive and Google Photo?

Both of these Google services are used to back up files. But the photo is used to make a special photo and video. While in Drive you can backup all types of files. Contains files like PDF, Word. You can also upload a photo or video to Drive. You can also download, edit and manage these files.

Where is your data stored?

At Google we store all our important data. But to manage it, Google has created data centers around the world. In a way it is the brain of the internet. Each of your data is stored in these data centers.

Where does Google make money?

Google's biggest source of revenue is advertising. Google charges for advertising on its own and other websites and apps. For which Google has an AdSense program. Apart from this Google offers a lot of services to the business. These include services such as storage, books, Google Apps, web hosting and Google's cloud platform.

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