Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison | Design, Build Quality Etc.

Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison, Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Comparison, Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X

Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison | Design, Build Quality Etc.

It's time for yet another comparison video. Xiaomi & realme both have recently launched their latest smartphones under 30K. Realme X7 Max & Mi 11X. We’ll be comparing both of them in this post & will tell you which one you should consider if you have a budget of 25-30K.

Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison

In hand feel

Mi 11X has a 6.67’’ screen so it feels slightly wide but realme X7 Max has a very nice hand feel. Realme X7 Max has a much better hand feel than Mi 11X. 

Build Quality

Mi 11X has Gorilla Glass on both front and back panel while realme gets a polycarbonate back. 

Talking about design

Mi 11X has a glossy back. realme has a slightly different design with small Dare To Leap Branding. Overall this looks decent. Realme has polycarbonate & Mi11X has glass on the back. 

As Mi11X has glass black it weighs slightly heavy & you can feel its weight when you keep it in your pocket. 

Mi 11X is around 196 grams & Realme X7 Max is around 177 grams. As I said realme X7 Max has a better in hand feel. Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison | Design, Build Quality Etc.


Mi11X gets 6.67’’ 120 Hz sAMOLED screen while realme X7 Max has 6.43’’ 120 Hz sAMOLED, it is slightly smaller But if we talk about ideal display size 6.4’’ - 6.5’’ is perfect. If you want a bigger screen then 6.67’’ would be better For me realme X7 Max has the ideal screen size. 

Even though Mi 11X has a sAMOLED screen, it gets a side mounted fingerprint sensor while realme X7 Max has an in-display fingerprint sensor. If we talk about colors & vibrancy both of these phones have a great display. 

The base variants of both these phones are different - Mi 11X comes with 6GB/128GB = 29,999. 8GB/128GB = 31,999 whereas realme X7 Max base variant is 8GB/128GB at 26,999. So there is a difference of 5K between these two phones. 8GB/128GB Mi 11X = 32K & 8GB/128GB realme X7 Max = 27K 

There's also a 12GB/256GB variant of realme X7 Max which is priced at 29,999 Rs. 12GB RAM & 256 GB under 30K is crazy. 


Relame X7 Max has Dimensity 1200 SoC which is based on a 6nm process. Mi 11X comes with SD 870 SoC (slightly lower than SD 888) 

AnTuTu Score

Both of these have similar AnTuTu scores. Mi 11X score = 660K+ & X7 Max score = 640K+

As Mi 11X has LPDDR5 RAM it scores a little higher compared to LPDDR4X on X7 Max.

Talking about real world performance, both of them perform really great. You can play games even on the highest settings. Both of them get stereo speakers. So overall the performance is very good. 

Comparing Dimensity 1200 SoC with SD 870 SoC - SD 870 is based on Cortex A77 cores clocked at 3.2 Ghz. Dimensity 1200 SoC has cortex A78 (which is the latest) but it's clocked at 3.0 Ghz. Overall both of them perform very similarly. Dimensity 1200 SoC is more power efficient as it is based on 6nm. Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison | Design, Build Quality Etc.


Both of them get 5G, Dual 4G VoLTE. More 5G bands are supported on the realme X7 Max. (7 - 5G bands) but Mi 11X supports only 2 5G bands. Realme X7 Max has a 3.5mm jack whereas in Mi 11X there's no 3.5mm jack. 

Both of them get IP certification - realme X7 Max has IP X4 rating & Mi 11X has IP 53 rating. 


All the sensors are present on both these phones. Mi 11X gets an additional IR blaster 


Both are running on Android 11 : MIUI 12.5 on Mi 11X & realme UI 2.0. You do get system notifications on the Mi 11X & you will find some minor issues in MIUI on the Mi 11X. Both of them are similar in terms of system notifications in their UI’s. Realme X7 Max is slightly better. 

Additional features

Both of these get Widevine L1 & Cam2Api. 


Mi 11X has 4520 mAh & X7 Max has 4500 mAh. Both of them are very similar. But realme X7 Max has 50W fast charging compared to 33W on the Mi11X. So I’ll say, overall realme X7 Max has a slight upper hand in terms of battery. Haptics of both these phones are also similar.


realme X7 has 64MP IMX 682 + 8MP ultrawide + 2 MP macro triple macro setup. On Mi11 X - you get 48 MP IMX 582 + 8MP ultrawide + 5MP macro. If macro is very important for you then Mi 11X has a better macro camera. 

But looking at other things - The Sony IMX 682 performs better on the realme X7 & also has better dynamic range. Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison | Design, Build Quality Etc.

Overall in cameras

except for the macro camera on Mi 11X, the Realme X7 Max wins in terms of cameras. Low light photos on Mi 11X come out much brighter than Realme X7 Max but it lacks details. Whereas photos on realme X7 Max - you’ll notice the details, so both of them have different approaches for low light imaging. 

Selfie Camera

Mi 11X has 20 MP & realme X7 Max has 16 MP. Both of them have good selfie cameras. 


Both of them support 4K video recording but Mi 11X can only record 4K @ 30 fps while realme X7 Max does 4K @ 60 fps. 

My final thoughts

It's generally very difficult to pick one as a winner because it also depends on your requirements. But in this comparison, without any doubt I’ll say realme X7 Max is the winner. 

First reason is there's a difference of 5K Rs between them. At 27K you get 8GB/128GB realme X7 Max & At 30K you get its 12GB/256GB variant. Whereas Mi 11X At 30K has only 6GB/128GB. So this makes a big difference & a huge positive for X7 Max In performance wise both of them are equal. 

Mi 11X has a better macro camera but realme X7 Max has an overall better camera system. Battery wise realme X7 Max is better because of 50W charging. Multimedia is very similar on both these phones. If you have a big screen then you can look at Mi 11X But 6.43’’ is an ideal screen size on X7 Max. Realme X7 Max Vs Mi 11X Full Comparison | Design, Build Quality Etc.

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