Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review, Realme Smart UHD 4K TV Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

Realme Smart Tv Review, Realme has launched its two latest TV’s Today we have the Realme’s 43’’ Smart UHD 4K TV. It also comes in a 50'' size variant. Previously Realme had launched sLED TV & also budget 32’’ & 43’’ Full HD TV’s so this 4K TV sits right between them. In this post quick review of Realme Smart Tv.

Realme Smart UHD 4K TV Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Box contents

TV, 2 stands, screws, documentation, audio cable, remote & its batteries. So this is what you get in the box. 

Realme Smart 4K TV Build quality

If you look at the bezels, they’re quite slim. The top & side bezels get really thin bezels with a slightly big bottom chin bezel. This comes in black finish that really looks good & premium. This looks like a modern TV. Even the stand has a flushed color design. 

It means it’ll fit properly on a table. Sometimes the stand of other TV’s comes out of the table & doesn't fit properly but this fits very well. The height of the stand is also good as generally TV stands have a low height. This one has a decent height between the base & the table. Overall the look of the TV is really good. Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

It comes with a plastic finish body & stands are also plastic but they’re sturdy as the quality of plastic used is of good quality. I did find one really impressive thing that I wasn’t expecting that good. The display you get is seriously a good display. 

The display comes with Dolby Vision support. It means you’ll get 1 billion colors on a 43’’ screen & you’ll definitely notice when you’re watching YouTube, Netflix etc. The colors you get & dynamic range is really impressive on this TV. I’ll say it is closer to an OLED screen. Yes the blacks won't look as good as OLED TV’s.

But still the colors you get here left me quite impressed. It also gets 90% DCI-P3 that makes the colors much more pleasing & it looks more natural. It has a 97% screen to body ratio so it looks like a modern TV & it is a modern TV.  Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Ports & buttons 

it has all the required ports but is missing a 3.5 mm jack. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, RJ 45 port & audio video ports. So all standard ports are present. 

Realme Smart 4K TV Connectivity

It has Bluetooth 5.0, dual band Wi-Fi. We were watching all the content mostly on YouTube & Netflix and it gave consistent performance. Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Operating System

It comes with Android 10 TV OS. Most of TV’s you get are running on Android 9 but this one is on Android 10 & probably you’ll get the next Android version as well. 

Along with the software, hardware is also nice. It has 2GB RAM & 16GB storage. Generally TV’s costing around 25-30K have 1GB & 8GB storage. So having 2GB RAM & 16GB storage along with a good combination of hardware & software makes the entire TV experience quite responsive. 

When you press any button on the remote it’ll respond quite fast. One feature that I really liked on this TV is that it comes with a far field microphone. It means you can talk on the TV hands free. So these microphones listen to your voice quite clearly & are also responsive. You can also talk to your remote as the remote also has a google assistant button.

So you can give various commands from the remote itself which I really liked & is implemented very well. In many TV’s what I’ve seen is that Google Assistant doesn't work quite well but this TV works very well so I liked that. 

As it's running on Android TV OS you get Google Play Store with many pre-installed apps and you can install as many as 5000 apps from the Play Store. Overall it is a smart TV the way it should be. So I liked that as well. Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review, Realme Smart UHD 4K TV Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Audio

Talking about audio, it is average but is loud. This supports Dolby Audio but the quality of the audio is average. As I said the audio is loud and shouldn't be a problem if you have a big hall area but quality of the audio should’ve been slightly better. In fact if you buy the realme sound bar then that’ll be very nice & will be a great combination. Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Remote

You get this yellow ring that gives a nice feel to it. You get dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Google Assistant & it works well without any problems.

Realme has done many tests on this TV to ensure the quality of the TV is really good. If anything happens to your TV then you do get 1 year warranty on this TV which is a good thing. 

One more thing I would like to add about the display is that it has ‘low blue light certification’ which means if you’re watching TV for longer periods of time. So this feature will reduce your eye strain & after testing it for around 2 days we found this feature to be very useful. 

I’ll say the display is definitely the strong point of this TV. I liked the colors of the display, especially the skin tones that looked very natural. I was pleasantly surprised with the display. Audio could’ve been a little better but it does get quite loud. And it gets all the features that you expect from a modern smart TV. Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review, Realme Smart UHD 4K TV Review

Realme Smart 4K TV Price 

If this is priced around 30,000 Rs then for the price I’ll definitely say this is a very good 4K UHD 43’’ smart TV. Realme Smart 4K TV Quick Review

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