Google Pixel 5a is coming, launch date and price leaked

Technology giant Google is all set to launch its Pixel 5a smartphone. This will be the company's cheapest phone. Some reports claimed that the launch of the phone has been avoided. But a new report claims that the Google Pixel 4a smartphone is set to launch this month. Apart from the launch date, the price of the smartphone has also been leaked. Let's find out about this phone ...

Google Pixel 5a is coming, launch date and price leaked
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Launch date and features

Google will launch the new Pixel 5a device on August 26, according to a report by tech website FrontPageTech. Sources with knowledge of the case have revealed the date. The report says that the Pixel 5a smartphone will have a Snapdragon 765G processor, 6GB of RAM and a 4650mAh battery.

Other features include a 6.4-inch screen. This display will come with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It is expected to have a camera and a headphone jack similar to the Pixel 5 device in 2020. It may have an IP67 rating, but the device will not support wireless charging. It is worth noting that such a specification was also mentioned in the report leaked in February.

How much will the cost be

Those who are waiting for the Pixel 5a to launch in India may be disappointed. This is because Google had earlier announced that the phone would be launched only in the US and Japan. As far as the price of the phone is concerned, it is expected to be priced at 450 US Dollar (approximately Rs. 33390) and is likely to be sold through online and physical retail stores.


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