Top 9 Best Upcoming Smartphones August 2021 India

Top 9 Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 In India 

Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India : July was exactly as predicted, it wasn’t completely silent nor too loud in terms of launches. But there are going to be more launches in August than July. And there are some phones you have been waiting for since 6 months. New Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India

Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India

(1) Micromax IN 2b

Technically it’s launching by July end(30th July) & is based on the Unisoc T610 processor. It’s a new processor & I thought it’ll be underpowered compared to the Helio G35, but it’s not. Its architecture looks similar to Helio G70. And with this, they might launch the IN Note 2 as well. So 2 phones are launching by the end of this month but I included them in the August list. Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India.

(2) Motorola Edge 20 Series

There are two different phones based on the Qualcomm SD778 & SD870 SoCs. In India it seems like there’ll be the Motorola Edge 20 & Edge 20 Pro. It’s global launch is 5th August. 

I’m not sure whether it’ll come at the same time or will be delayed, but it’s coming in August for sure. Its highlight is that it has a 108MP triple camera setup & I’m looking forward to the Motorola Edge 20 Series. Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India.

The big Samsung’s Unpacked Event is happening on August 11th, and we might see the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Watch 4 series & the Galaxy Buds.

But I’m looking forward to the foldable phones, especially their secondary screen as it's going to be bigger & better, and a lot of other interesting things! Obviously, we’ll tell you all about it on August 11th. They haven’t announced its India launch on the same day, but, I’m telling you, you’ll get the Galaxy Fold video by mid August from our end. I’m looking forward to the new Z Fold 3 & the Z Flip 3. Top New Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India.

(3) ASUS 8Z & 8Z Flip

I thought they’d launch by July end as I had predicted in June’s Upcoming video, there are teasers & talks. We thought there’s only going to be an ASUS 8Z but the ASUS 8Z Flip is also going to launch too. I’m 100% sure they’ll launch probably around 14th/15th August. I’m looking forward to those flip cameras.

ASUS launches very few phones nowadays(the ROG phone & the Z series), so I'm looking forward to that too. Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India.

(4) POCO X3 GT

It might launch by mid August, is based on Dimensity 1100, has a 120Hz fast refresh rate, has a big screen, and we’ve already made a video on it. It’s the rebranding of the Chinese Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G. It’s launching in mid August, while you can watch the unboxing. And the Indian variant unboxing is coming soon.

(5) Redmi 10 Series

They’ve been teasing it for 2 months & are going to launch it in August. There’ll be the Redmi 10, Redmi 10i, Redmi 10A, so a total of 5-6 Redmi phones for the budget range. The Note series is for midrange, while these are for budget, for around Rs 10K or less. Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India.

(6) Realme GT Master Edition

It’s a different phone, looks good too. There are going to be 2 devices. There’ll be realme GT & realme GT Master Edition, based on Qualcomm SD778 & SD870. And the specifications are good, there’s a 50MP multi camera setup, 4500mAh battery, a 120Hz sAMOLED screen. And it might launch by the 2nd/3rd week of August, so I’m looking forward to it.

One thing about realme is that they have listed nearly 5-6 phones on the BIS site 2-3 weeks ago. So there are strong chances of realme Master edition series getting launched. You might know about the realme 9/X9 series. And they might launch by the end of August too. 

But it isn’t confirmed, maybe the realme 9/X9 series will launch in August end/September. There's news that the realme 8S/8i are budget category phones. So lots of phones coming from realme in the next 1-2 months. Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021.

(7) Infinix Smart 5A 

This is definitely going to launch & we’ll tell you all about it onces it launches Let’s talk about China/global launches that might launch in India.

(8) IQOO 8

It might have a 2K with 120Hz display. And now that the 2nd half of the year has started, it'll be based on the flagship Qualcomm SD888+ SoC. But it’s launching in China. I’m not sure, but it might launch in India by August/September. Another phone that might launch on SD888+ SoC, in China/globally. Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August.

(9) Honor Magic 3 Series

It seems to have amazing specifications, like the 6.76”/6.8” 2K+ screen with 120Hz refresh rate & the multi camera setup with 50MP or more bigger sensors. It’s launching in August globally, not in India. So let’s wait for its India launch, because of Huawei's China-USA problem that’s been solved & Honor has shifted from Huawei.

There are strong chances that the Honor Magic 3 phones might launch in India too. There are some phones that might launch in India but there’s no confirmation, so I’m not talking about it in detail. There might be the OPPO F series’ F19 new variant/F21, Samsung might launch a 5G variant for F22 in August. But since there’s no confirmation, I can’t tell you much about them now. Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India.

So these were the upcoming smartphones for the month of August & we’ve made this post after a lot of research. Top Best Upcoming Smartphones In August 2021 in India. 

List of Top 9 Best Upcoming Smartphones in August 2021 in India

  1. Micromax IN 2b
  2. Motorola Edge 20 Series
  3. ASUS 8Z & 8Z Flip
  4. POCO X3 GT
  5. Redmi 10 Series
  6. Realme GT Master Edition
  7. Infinix Smart 5A 
  8. IQOO 8
  9. Honor Magic 3 Series

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