Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative 2021

Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative 2021

Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative 2021

Best Google Photos Alternative In 2021 : Unlimited storage of Google Photos is going to end from June 1, 2021, and now you will only get 15 GB of storage with your Gmail account so here is the most important question: if not Google Photos then what? 

Best Google Photos Alternative

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a great alternative for Google Photos, if you already have a subscription to Amazon Prime, then you will also get access to Amazon Photos. You can store unlimited photos in best quality. You will not have to compress your file in any way, but if you want to save the video or any other kind of file, then for that You only get 5 GB of storage, if you want more, then you have to pay the price. 

Like Google Photos, Amazon Photos will automatically sync with your Amazon account. As soon as the account is logged in, it will be saved automatically and all your photos will be saved in it, but if you delete your account, then your photos will also be deleted forever. Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative 2021

One Drive

Now the next option - One Drive, One Drive is very popular and very good too just like Google, your account here will be automatically synced and your Photos will be geo-tagged as well. You will get 5 GB of storage for free, but if you want more storage then you have to subscribe to it. 

I Drive

Now the Third Alternative for Google Photos and it's a great software, if you want to keep all your photos online, then you can definitely use it, and it's FREE you get 5GB of storage initially but if you feel that you need more than You can subscribe to its 2-year plan, along with that the cool feature in it is that you get the option of auto face recognition in it, by which you can identify People in your Photos and arrange it accordingly. It also comes with the option of auto-camera, if you accidentally delete all the photos you have from it. Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative Free Unlimited 2021


You can ask for a physical hard drive so now if you are thinking that you can find something that means pay once and the live life tension free next option is your solution you pay only once It's p-Cloud 2 plans First one is $175 to storage 500 gb and Second one is for $ 350 which gives you storage up to 2 Tb , all the photo-videos that you have in your phone will be uploaded in it automatically, you do not have to worry, 

Nord Locker

Now the 5th Option - Nord Locker and you must have heard the name 'Nord'. It's very good in giving virtual private network Nord Locker is a very good option you get such features as if you want your account to be encrypted, then it is fully encrypted but with that if you want someone who has access to it , if there is a mistake in the future If you forget the password or you are unable to access, then at least they can access and send you your file, then you will get that feature in it and with that all your files in it are completely safe, in it. You can get up to 3 gb in the free version. 

You now tell us in the comments which Google Photos Alternative are you going to use? and which one you liked the most? Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative In 2021

List Of Top 5 Best Google Photos Alternative 2021

  1. Amazon Photos
  2. One Drive
  3. I Drive
  4. p-Cloud
  5. Nord Locker

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