OnePlus U1S 4K TV Price In India : Specs, Picture Quality

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Price In India : Specs, Picture Quality

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Price In India : Specifications, Picture Audio Quality

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Price In India Specifications Picture And Audio Quality : One thing that really stands out in the OnePlus devices is the experience you get from it. Hardware is very important in any device but the combination of hardware & software defines the whole experience & this OnePlus TV really stands out in that. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Box Content

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Box Content is TV, metal stand, remote & its batteries, documentation, audio video cable, red cable club card. That's what you get in the box.

OnePlus U1S 4K TV is a premium TV & is made with all metal. TV stands are also made with metal. The design looks very premium with tiny bezels. You get 95% of screen to body ratio. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Prices

The Price of OnePlus U1S 4K TV is 50 inch starts around 40,000 Rs. And 65 inch is priced around 63,000 Rs. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Ports

You get 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, audio & video ports, RJ 45 ports. So it has all the ports that you would expect.

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Connectivity

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Comes With Bluetooth 5.0 And Dual Band Wi-Fi. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Specifications

OnePlus U1S 4K TV comes with a MediaTek Quad Core Processor & has 2 GB RAM with 16GB storage. It also has a far field microphone that can be turned on & off with a physical button so that you can talk directly to TV without touching the remote. The OnePlus TV Camera comes as an accessory that you’ll need to buy separately. This is helpful for video conferencing. It supports 1080p resolution & works with Google Duo. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Software

OnePlus U1S 4K TV runs on Android 10 & is based on Oxygen Play 2.0. We got an update that fixed some Netflix issues. So generally the OnePlus TV gets new updates & that's really good. Oxygen Play 2.0 is now loaded with more content with new added categories. Also there are live news channels so you get more content on your TV. It gets a Data Saver Plus feature that will save your data if you’re watching any content using your mobile data. 


With the OnePlus Connect 2.0 app you can control your TV. Even with the OnePlus Watch you can control your TV like scrolling, volume up/down etc. And I was impressed with the responsiveness & the experience was excellent. There's one more feature that makes the experience much better. For eg : if your OnePlus watch detects if you’re sleeping then it’ll automatically dim/turn off the TV. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Picture Quality

OnePlus U1S is a 4K TV with HDR 10+. So the colors & dynamic range you get is really great. If you’re watching fast action scenes or playing games on this TV then with MEMC it’ll make your watching or gaming experience much smoother. I really like the display quality on the OnePlus TV. It's not the best we’ve seen but at this price it's really good. 

OnePlus U1S 4K TV Audio

OnePlus U1S 4K TV has 30W speakers that are loud & the base is really good. So the display & audio are really good. Speakers are tuned by Dynaudio & also supports Dolby Audio. 


If you’re looking for a premium TV & you don't want to spend 1-1.5 Lakh Rs and your budget is around 50-60,000 Rs then definitely I will recommend this TV. The experience you get on this TV - For eg : the instant response you get when press the button of the remote, the overall colors of the display & viewing angles.

Everything comes together and makes the experience better & for that I’ll have to give a thumbs up. If you enjoyed this post do share this post.

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