Asus TUF F15 Gaming Laptop i7 i9 144Hz Nvidia GeForce 3060TI

Asus TUF F15 Gaming Laptop i7 i9 144Hz Nvidia GeForce 3060TI

Asus TUF F15 Gaming Laptop i7 i9 144Hz Nvidia GeForce 3060TI

Hi Guys, Welcome to the Today we have an Asus TUF F15 gaming laptop. This laptop is its successor of his previous generation. We’ll be doing its unboxing & impressions post and will also tell you who should consider this Asus TUF F15 laptop. 

Asus TUF F15 Unboxing

TUF Gaming F15 Box, stickers, F15 gaming laptop, documentation, 200 W charger & you get a power cable. Designed has changed from the previous version & it comes with military grade build quality.

It comes in eclipse grey with a metal lid & It also comes in a graphite black variant which has a plastic lid. This is a gaming laptop so it's also heavy. It weighs around 2.3 Kgs which is decent for a gaming laptop. 

The bottom design has a honeycomb design with air vents. This misses out on the ErgoLift design that we’ve seen on many Asus laptops. It’ll be much better if you keep this gaming laptop on a stand for better air intake.

Asus TUF F15 Ports And Buttons

On the left side it has a power port, RJ45 LAN port, 1 HDMI, 2 USB ports, 1 Type C Thunderbolt, 3.5 mm Jack. On the right hand side you get 1 USB port & Kensington lock. You also get LED indicators on the front.

The keyboard is a full sized familiar keyboard with num pad & square keys. These are backlit RGB keys. The keyboard is excellent with 1.8mm travel distance. So overall the keyboard is really good. Time to start this beast & it looks great with RGB lights.

Asus TUF F15 Display

It gets a 15.6’’ FHD 144 Hz screen. The side bezels are quite thin. Asus calls this a nano edge display. The bottom bezel is slightly bigger. At the top of the bezel you get an HD webcam with 2 microphones. If you’re a hard-core gamer, then it also has a 240 Hz fast refresh rate variant for smooth gaming. We have the 144 Hz variant.

The display panel supports 100% sRGB colors, but the display isn't that accurate in terms of colors that's why a thunderbolt port is given to connect to a high quality display. For gaming color accuracy is good enough. The brushed metal design with side angles look really nice & gives you the gaming vibe. 

Asus TUF F15 Specifications

It comes with Intel based processors & ranges from i5 to i9. We have the Intel i9 variant. It also has a bigger screen variant - Asus TUF F17 with 17’’ screen but it only supports upto Intel i7. This time it gets a 3000 series GPU compared to 2000 series on the previous generation. You get two variants i.e 3050 & 3060 Nvidia GeForce GPU. Also it gets a 3060TI variant. 

For RAM you have a 16/32GB variant & you can replace the RAM & extend the capacity. And if you want to replace the RAM, the process is easy with removing a few screws & you can replace the RAM. For SSD you get 2 slots, 1 is kept empty for extending storage capacity. You can choose from the 512GB/1TB SSD variant for this laptop. 

Asus TUF F15 Battery

It has a 90 Kwh lithium battery & is claimed to last for about 10 hours. With moderate usage you can expect around 6-7 hours of battery life. This is based on the Intel 10 mn process while Ryzen 7 was based on the 7nm process so there might be some difference in battery life. But if you're gaming continuously then battery life will further reduce.

Asus TUF F15 Performance 

It performs really well. We even played heavy games that gave us an output of around 150 fps so gaming performance was excellent. Showing you the gameplay & benchmark figures on screen. If you’re playing games for longer sessions, it’ll get warm but it doesn't throttle the performance. 

The fans kick in during heavy load & performance remains stable. Along with bottom intake vents, it also takes air intake from the keyboard & you’ll feel it when you’re doing intensive tasks. 

Asus says it has a cool zone keyboard design. It comes with an Armoury Crate app from which you can change the speed of the fan i.e silent, boost, balanced etc. You can also customize the RGB lighting of the keyboard on this gaming laptop. 

Asus TUF F15 Connectivity

It supports Bluetooth 5.2, Wifi 6 so all the latest connectivity options are present.  

Asus TUF F15 Multimedia 

You’ll enjoy the gaming & content consumption on this laptop. The audio is loud & quality is also great. Although this is a gaming laptop, these days video conferencing is very essential & for that it gets a 2 way noise cancelling microphone and it's a handy feature. 


As I said we’ve used this Asus TUF series in the past for almost 1 year & if you’re looking for a performance oriented gaming laptop You can definitely look at this one. 

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