Top 5 Best Android Apps 2021 | Best Amazing Apps

Top 5 Best Android Apps 2021 | Best Amazing Apps

Top 5 Best Android Apps 2021 | Best Amazing Apps

Top 5 Best Android Apps 2021 : We have many apps on our smartphones & also we also install many new apps regularly on our phones. 
Best Android App 2021. But sometimes there are certain apps that seriously increase the functionality of our smartphones & they're extremely useful. And today's video is all about that. We'll check out some really useful & really user friendly apps. 
Today we'll showcase 5 apps that you should download & install. Must Have Android App And after you install & use these apps you have to comment down below - how useful these apps were for you.
Yes! I'll tell you everything about these apps but if you're watching our video for the first time then subscribe to our channel & turn on notifications for all the latest updates. Top 5 Best Android Apps In 2021

Top 5 Best Apps For Android Smartphone

Access Dots

In today's world, privacy is one of the biggest concerns & your smartphones are the gateway for the hackers to collect your data. 
One of the biggest fears we have - is there any third person that has access to our microphone or camera. Suppose you've kept your smartphone somewhere & a hacker is accessing your camera. 
Imagine! And you don't know about this.
So for this there is an app that will tell you whether your mic or camera is being used or not. Access Dots is the app for this. 
It's a lightweight app which will be expected to you if any app is using your camera by these little dots. Many recent phones have this feature. Top 5 Best Android Apps in 2021
But the majority of phones don't have this feature. So what this app does is it'll alert you when any of your app is using your mic, camera with a tiny dot and significantly this app is made in India & we should support it that's why we've listed this first among other apps.

Clip Drop

The 2nd app will be useful for many E-commerce & small companies. If you need to take many different product photos. Or any other photo & you need to share that photo as it is on e-commerce website or other platforms then this app is very useful.
You just need to click the photo & it'll remove the background automatically with the help of AI. So you can share the picture's png file to PC or tablet just by copying that image. Top 5 best android apps in 2021. 
Both of these functionalities are implemented well in this app. If you're into product photography then this will be very useful for you. Who touched my phone? If your phone is lying somewhere & someone is trying to snoop into your phone. How will you know it?

Who touched my phone

Yes! Who touched my phone app will inform you. Its an old app but I thought I should tell you about this because many people keep wondering who touched their smartphone. 
What happens if someone tries to unlock your phone via passcode / pattern then the front camera captures & stores the image and you get to know who touched your smartphone. That's why this app is named 'Who Touched My Phone?'. Amazing apps on android

Radio Garden

Oh Ohhh I love this next app & it's installed on every phone of mine. Radio Garden.You can listen to FM radio from across the globe. On your smartphone. 
Yes! There's a globe in the app where you've to touch the place eg Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok, Russia etc. and you can listen to those FM radio channels.
There are 100's & 1000's of FM radio channels across the globe that you can use & listen to very easily and it does not require a 3.5 mm jack to listen to FM radio. 
Speaker of your phone will be turned on automatically when you touch any place on the globe in the app. Top 5 Best Amazing Android Apps In 2021
So if you want to listen to FM radio from across the world then this is the app for you. FM Garden. Ohh sorry Radio Garden.

Fluid Simulation

Wow! What an eye candy of an app. If you install this app & touch on your screen you'll see a lot of beautiful & colorful fluid simulation. 
If you tap on it 5 times you see a burst of colors on your screen. As I said, it's an eye candy app. But if you're stressed out & fidgety a little. Top 5 Best Amazing Android App 2021
Remember the fidget spinner that one used to spin for stress relief, this app is also of the same kind if you want to relieve some stress. It's a very beautiful app & is also eye candy that will please your eyes as well. So yes that's fluid simulation. 

List Of Top 5 Best Amazing Android Apps

  1. Access Dots
  2. Clip Drop
  3. Who touched my phone
  4. Radio Garden
  5. Fluid Simulation

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