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Boat Bluetooth Speaker, Welcome to a new blog in this blog we are going to review the boat stone 260 so I'm recently made a blog on boat stone 200 review, Boat Bluetooth Speaker Review

let's get into the blog so what they actually get in the Box is a warranty card then we get the ring our USB cable to charge it up and use a manual guide that's pretty much it so we are going to look into three aspects of the speaker that is the design we're going to look into thef functionality of the speaker at the end. Boat Bluetooth Speaker, boat bluetooth speaker price, Boat Bluetooth Speaker Review

We are going to look into the sound quality and also give you guys some sound checks at the end so make sure you stick to the end to get all four aspects of the speaker so yeah let's get into it now let's talk about the design of the speaker first so first of all we have a graphic cloth like material on the top.

Which houses the speaker inside then we have then we have the rubber mat finish can you look at the end which has a cool design going around at the bottom we have the USB charging and LED indicator, then we have the microphone and we have four buttons to control the functionality. Boat Bluetooth Speaker 2021, Boat Bluetooth Speaker

We'll get into it when we talk about the functions of the speaker at the top we get a ring which does not come attached to the speaker but you get it in a separate bag at the bottom of the speaker we have the padding which keeps the speaker on the table while you're listening to music and it has some basic model and branding. Boat Bluetooth Speaker Review

Information now to talk about the build quality of the speaker the grille on the front is very fragile I tried to press it once and it broke it made a click sound and it broke so so if you have the speaker don't try pressing it in the center of the speaker you breaking up the grill like me let's talk quickly about the four buttons that we have here so we have a play button. Boat Bluetooth Speaker Stone 1000, Boat Bluetooth Speaker 2021, Boat Bluetooth Speaker

We have an extract button or the volume up we have a volume down or previous track and we have the preparing or turn on button now I must say the speaker comes in many other color make sure you check the link in the description if you want to go ahead and check those out it has pretty much many colors to match your kind of taste the speaker is quite portable it weighs around 440 grams which is heavier than the boats tone 200 but although it's very portable the price of the speaker is 1499 rupees the Bluetooth range on this speaker appeared to be quite better than the boats tone 200 but yeah it does the job it is good for a medium or a large sized room and it fills up the room - we'll get into that when we talk about the sound quality it came with the 95% battery and I said it will last you around 4 to 5 hours which is on the product description and I guess it lives up to that so it's not waterproof completely you cannot submerge into water it can time use in showers or rain. Boat Stone 200 Review,

Boat Bluetooth Speakers Flipkart, ‌Best Boat Bluetooth Speaker

I guess so that was all about the design of the speaker let's get into the functionality of the speaker now now when we start to talk about the functionality the first thing that we need to talk about is the ease of connectivity so this speaker was very easy to connect and so when you turn on the speaker you get a message saying that on you plugged into Nirvana which means that it is ready for pairing and then you can pair your device and once you pair you get the message you now connect it to both down to 60 so that's pretty handy I always like this audio feedback that you get when you're connected and when you turn off you also get a message saying adios amigo powering on so that's pretty handy and it tells you what's going on no sadly there is no aux on this speaker. Best Boat Bluetooth Speaker, Boat Bluetooth Speaker Stone 200, Boat Stone 200 Review


I don't know why they had to take it off because the board's tone 200 which is cheaper than this has the it comes and II like when you want to connect it to all the device you can do that too so it has one led which blinks faster when it is not connected to a native eyes and blinks very slowly when it is connected to any device there's no NFC on this speaker either you can only connect one phone at a time cannot connect two of these speakers although you can take calls on the speaker and it is a very nice experience to talk on the speaker because the speaker gets very loud and the microphone is pretty good at isolating the outside noise also you get the ability to change songs or increase the volume or pause from the four button that I provided and that was all about the functions of these speakers. Best Bluetooth Speaker, Boat Bluetooth Speaker, Boat Bluetooth Speaker 2021

So let's get into the last part and the most important part that is the sound quality now the sound quality on this quite surprised me I was not expecting such a good quality from $14.99 speaker now I had tried the Bose tone 200 and it had some good sound now I would say this speaker compared to the boats tone 200 is not as loud as that one is but again that speaker gets distorted completely. Boat Bluetooth Speaker Review 

When it's on max volume but this one does not distort completely on max volume and it's quite good quality it has better bass I would say the bass is more punchy on this one it balances all type of audio and I think the audio quality on this speaker is quite good for what you pay it's it is something I would definitely recommend to everyone of you watching this video and I guess that's it for the video thank you guys for watching if you have any queries related to this speaker or any other speaker that I have review you can write it in the comment section below and I will surely reply to you bye. 

Boat Bluetooth Speaker Review, Boat Stone 200 Review

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